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hi - concept

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Cleaning and disinfection play a major role in modern farming today. The use of safe and reliable products is of utmost importance. Using the HI – CONCEPT product line will help you to preserve the bio-security and minimize the risk of infection on your premises and prevent pathogens from entering to the farm.

HI – CONCEPT product line:

Hi - Net is a concentrated alkaline cleaning product with foaming action. Hi - Net is suitable for cleaning vehicles (tractors, animal transport,..), animal houses, machinery and equipment.

Based on hydrogen peroxide, Hi - Aquanet is the optimal drinking system cleaner. It removes all organic deposits as well as deposits of additives, medication,...

Hi - 7 is an excellent product for the disinfection in poultry, pig and cattle houses, hatcheries, slaughterhouses and meat deboning and cutting plants. Furthermore, Hi - 7 is used for disinfecting milking equipment, cooling pads, vehicles, tools… Hi - 7 has a bactericidal, fungicidal. Non carcinogenic for humans, non toxic for animals and friendly for the environment. European registration: 7608B.

Hi - Cal is an acid detergent with strong foaming action. Hi - Cal is suitable for removing of scale, proteins and iron deposit. Hi - Cal makes surfaces shine as new.

Hi - Sweep is a soft, cleaning and disinfection liquid soap. Excellent for the hygienic disinfection of the hands. This water soluble soap can be used for all hand hygiene purposes: farming, food industry and health care.

Hi - Aquapur is a concentrated acidifier with trace elements. Therefore it is also a preservative for animal feeding stuff and a feedingstuff complement for pigs and poultry.